Gen III Cab Technology

Featuring 360-degree curved glass; a floating control console; a spacious working environment and an active carbon-filtration system, Gen III cab technology has been designed to boost visibility, comfort and precision, and enable operators to work longer, harder and safer.

The new design is the culmination of an intensive research and development programme and delivers a suite of benefits, including:

Greater visibility

The most striking feature is the innovative new curved glass cab which delivers complete control by offering panoramic 360-degree visibility.

The cab has nine square metres of glass for unrivalled visibility and features an integrated sun visor and a dot-matrix sun shield which eliminates both glare and reflections.

Fully-adjustable large electric mirrors enhance visibility to the sides of the machine ensuring operators can monitor booms and manoeuvre safely in tight and challenging conditions.

Spacious working environment

The Gen III cab offers one of the most space-efficient working environments on the market, with three cubic metres of space and more than enough leg room for even the tallest operators.

The cab features a fully-adjustable steering column; room for multiple displays, a surprisingly comfortable ‘buddy’ seat, and document and item storage.

Entry to and from the vehicle is easy thanks to a wide-opening door with hydraulically retractable access steps, which feature an extension for high-clearance work.

‘Quiet-cab’ technology

A suite of new design features has been delivered to improve insulation and reduce the noise levels to just 72 decibels when working in the field, including:

  • A new rear panel with four-layer external sound barrier to block noise and heat
  • Internal sound-absorbing foam to the rear and sides with cloth covering
  • A double-glazed rear window
  • Internal roof lining electrostatically sprayed with a flocking material
  • A bonded and sealed floor-mat to avoid noise leakage
  • E-marked glass bonded to the side panels
  • Lining added to the storage box
  • Additional ‘fly-by-wire’ technology reduces entry points into the cab

Enhanced operator comfort

The cab is mounted on a state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension system which reduces noise and vibration for enhanced comfort and stability.

The KAB seating unit is the centre-piece of the cab with full lumbar support, a high backrest, generous seat-cushion, safety belts and a wealth of adjustment options.

Made by industry specialists and proven in the field, the seat features air-suspension to absorb excess vibration and reduce both side-to-side and front-and-rear motion when working in bumpy terrain.

A climate control system with six adjustable air vents and front and side demisting ensures operators can customise the temperature inside the cab to their personal preference.

Advanced controls and functionality

Kellands offers operators the best in precision and comfort with an innovative ‘floating’ control console which moves up and down with the chair to ensure the joystick and key control buttons are always in perfect alignment.

Designed to be simple to learn yet sophisticated in functionality, the controls feature an ergonomic layout which eases fatigue and ensures precise fingertip control.

Controls include:

  • A Tiptronic automatic gearbox controlled from the console mounted joystick
  • Master sprayer and spreading control
  • Aeros 8.4 inch full colour touch screen GPS guidance system with auto-rate control and “Boompilot” auto boom section shut-off
  • Multiple steering mode options
  • Three-mode cruise control
  • Cruising speed
  • Headland control
  • Fingertip boom section controls for use in manual mode

The operation of the booms is controlled through a secondary joystick mounted on the armrest

Safe, clean air quality

The cab features an active carbon-filtration system which keeps air clean and fresh and eliminates chemical fumes and dust particles.

Visual display units

A high-visibility 7” colour TFT display unit offers a wealth of at-a-glance information giving operators real time information on their machine’s key performance information, including:

  • GPS speed and position
  • Engine, steering and machine diagnostics
  • Warning systems
  • Rear steer modes
  • Cruise control mode and speed
  • PTO mode and speed
  • Transmission mode for different size wheels
  • Intermittent wipe interval
  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Transmission info

Entertainment and communications

Entertainment is provided by a Clarion sound system with full DAB and DAB+ functionality. It also comes with Bluetooth for safe hands-free communication and audio streaming direct from phones, tablets, or other enabled device.

The cab also features USB and jack sockets in radio and an integrated phone charging point on the console.

Additional features

  • Cup and bottle holders
  • Six LED adjustable worklamps
  • A Flashing amber LED beacon

Kellands director of sales and marketing Keith Pashley said: “The Generation III cab is one of the most comfortable and spacious ever created for sprayers and affords excellent protection and visibility which keeps operators safe and productive.

“It will help spraying and spreading professionals to work for longer, smarter, and in greater comfort - protecting them from hazards and fatigue.”

To find out more about the new Generation III cab please call the Kellands sales team on +44 (0)1452 863900