Ten reasons to switch to Kellands Mechanical Drive

Kellands machines feature the best in Mechanical Drive technology, ensuring customers can count on our Agribuggy and Multidrive vehicles for the best in traction, safety, performance and fuel-efficiency.

Available on both the Agribuggy and the Multidrive, Mechanical Drive delivers a suite of advantages over rival hydrostatic machines.

Unrivalled traction

Featuring a true 4WD system that delivers power to all four wheels simultaneously for consistent traction, Kellands machines have a major advantage over hydrostatic rivals which lose grip when one wheel spins and the others simultaneously lose drive.

Greater traction improves safety; enables operators to work in tough terrain and challenging conditions; and enhances both precision and control.

Effective power delivery

95 per cent of the power generated by the Agribuggy and Multidrive is delivered to the contact patch of the tyre – compared to just 80 per cent for hydrostatic machines which squander power moving oil around the machine.

This increased efficiency eradicates power lag; improves performance; and results in greater fuel economy compared with rival machines.

Precise control

 A highly-stable work platform and outstanding traction combine with a floating control console and four specialist steering modes to give you the very best in precision and manoeuvrability. Operators can customise their machine’s handling characteristics and performance to match a wide range of field conditions and terrain types.

Greater comfort

Lower revs than hydrostatic machines mean reduced vibration, lower levels of noise pollution, and less disturbance to the operator.

Reduced crop damage

Large diameter wheels give a longer contact patch than hydrostatic machines lowering ground pressure and reducing ruts and crop damage. Delay-mode steering is ideal for working in tramlines, while crab mode steering reduces compaction when working in soft ground.