More power, greater comfort and a major upgrade in driver technology are the key benefits delivered by Kellands’ new MULTIDRIVE M380-4

The biggest change is under the hood where a 225hp Cummins diesel engine delivers a 17% boost in power, a 20% increase in torque and a reduction in fuel consumption of around 8%. Fully compliant with European Tier-4 / Stage IV legislation the new engine will slash emissions by around 90%.

Key new features include:

NEW - Hydraulic cab mounting system with enhanced soundproofing and insulation, improves the working environment by reducing noise by 5dB, lowering vibration and increasing operator comfort.

NEW - Innovative control console with a floating armrest which moves with the position of the seat to deliver the best in comfort and precision.

NEW - Offset steering mode, which delivers better traction and precise control when working on hillsides.

NEW - Multi-functional on-board computer systems and a high-visibility full-colour display with real-time performance and diagnostic information at a glance.

NEW - Joystick with easy-access thumb controls to enable operators to make a smooth changeover between manual and automatic transmission and gives precise control over rear axle steering, cruise control and implements.

NEW - Driver’s pack features reversing and nose cameras; electric mirrors; and additional bonnet lamps for greater safety and productivity.

NEW - Software system allows operators to finely configure steering and transmission settings to match personal preferences and field conditions – all from the comfort of the cab.

NEW - Improved rear steering and a major increase in engine torque deliver best-in-class traction.

Capable of carrying a 10-tonne load such as a 5,000-litre sprayer unit or an 8-tonne spreader hopper, the machine can also haul an additional 18-tonne load at 50 km/h. Kellands’ Multidrive is one of the most versatile machines on the market, excelling as a self-propelled sprayer, spreader or multi-purpose load carrier.

Its Mechanical Drive technology offers best-in-class traction - delivering power to all four wheels simultaneously for better grip and enabling operators to work safely in challenging conditions.

With a top speed of 50 km/h and a quiet, comfortable cab, the Multidrive is fast and cost-efficient on the road, increasing the working range of contractors.

Kellands launches new Multidrive M380-4 at LAMMA Show header image