Working in tough terrain and covering more than 100,000 acres a year, Australian contractor Neville Rees needed a self-propelled spreader that was tough, durable and highly productive.

Based in Finley, New South Wales, Neville has built up a thriving business since first starting out 35 years ago as a 16 year old operator. He now supports local farmers up to 100km away - spreading lime, gypsum, urea, seed, fertiliser, and pure wheat.

Because he works in flood irrigation land where the ground is soft, Neville sought a machine that would thrive in challenging conditions and enable him to work where and when other spreaders would be confined to the yard – a crucial edge over rivals.

Neville chose a Multidrive for its all-terrain performance – knowing he could rely on the machine’s durability, low ground pressure, and positive mechanical drive for consistent reliable traction.

He said: “One of its biggest advantages is that you never get bogged down. The traction is great and you can truly rely on it. It works when other machines would struggle.

Designed as  the ultimate all-terrain load carrier, the Multidrive’s rugged design and premium build quality ensure it can withstand the rigours of a busy workload.

Powered by a John Deere 6-cylinder 195hp engine, the Multidrive features 5-mode 4-wheel steering for exceptional precision and manoeuvrability.

The machine is also easy to maintain with Neville able to rely on a local John Deere dealer for parts, while receiving help and telephone support direct from Kellands service manager Alex Fastnedge and his team.

‘The exceptional level of support is what makes Kellands stand out. Alex is always happy to help and advise.”

With a large patch to cover, Neville can spend many hours spent in the cab so comfort fast transport speeds which minimise downtime to and from jobs are key factors for Neville.

He said: “The Multidrive is smooth and quiet and has great visibility. It’s a strong performer both on the road and in the field and the air con is very effective too which is essential because it gets hot here.”

So would Neville recommend the Multidrive to others?

His verdict:  “It’s a wonderful machine with impressive build quality. It has done more than 1,000 hours so far and I’d definitely consider buying another.”

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